Pbs kids peg cat

pbs kids peg cat ERROR The request could not be satisfied. 403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Fruit Salad Make fruit salad even more amaaaaazing by putting it in a pirate chest!

Cat’s Incredibly Popular Honey Cake Decorated with fruit in cool patterns on top! Make your perfect pizza in whatever shape makes you sing! Help Peg gather all the stuff that got blown away. Cat and I have soooo much cool stuff. We never get tired of playing with it. The only problem is, we can never find it all! Help Peg retrieve her stuff that got Lost in Space.

Make the cards in the pile add up to 10 and you get to take them. Badges are these really cool rewards you get for doing something hard or helpful or awesome. Make a cake that looks like Peg. Counting by ones up to 24, cutting out similar rectangular shapes. Make your very own animated flipbook movie!