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Rising Stars: 30 Under 30 Holly Peculiarities of development of senior preschool age. Anyone who’s lived in Washington for a solid period of time knows this is a city of superheroes — successful professionals who rule at their day jobs and transform into supremely talented boundary pushers at night. And, while this city isn’t the easiest place to chase down a dream, D. With that in mind, we’re incredibly proud to present Refinery29 D.

Scope out all of the rising stars below, and click on any of the images to get to know them a little bit better. Or, just click here to start the slideshow. As CEO of one of D. But in spite of the buzz, Neman exudes a West Coast brand of Zen — due in large part to his diligent yoga practice.

Food, music, style, and sport — this entrepreneur truly does it all. Tell us the true-life tale of the last completely awesome thing you did. Crowd-surfed during Phoenix at Sweetlife Festival among all of my best friends and family, including my grandmother, Mon Mon! What’s the best professional lesson you ever learned and who taught it?