PED pre-school education

Every year, Nesbitt publishes Ministry-mandated documents that provide invaluable information to Nesbitt parents. Please use the following links to view PDF PED pre-school education of the most recent reports. Click the above image to register your attendance. Be sure to follow us on Facebook here.

This is where you will find her monthly newsletter. The School Calendar is available right here. Nesbitt School is one of the largest elementary schools in the English Montreal School Board. It is one of the few elementary schools east of St. Nesbitt also offers a regular English program, serving a somewhat smaller surrounding area of Rosemount. OUR MISSIONWithin a caring and stimulating environment, we, the school staff and parents try to inspire a love of learning in all children.

We are partners dedicated to the development of each child by providing a comprehensive curriculum and diversified activities through which our students can grow. OUR VALUESChildren have the right to be educated in a safe and secure environment. Relationships within the school environment are based on mutual respect. Each child can learn and experience success. Effective communication among children, staff and parents is essential to the student’s growth and development. Education is a shared responsibility between the students, teachers, support staff and parents. GOAL STATEMENTSTo ensure a safe and secure environment which promotes respect for self and others.

To promote harmony and understanding among the diverse cultures at Nesbitt School. To provide intellectually challenging activities that foster creative and critical thinking. To ensure every student masters the core objectives of the English Language Arts and Mathematics Programs. To provide second language learning experiences, including a full early French immersion program. To encourage and promote the use of information technology. To provide a physical education program that fosters sportsmanship, confidence and self-development.