Personal training kids

We are a community-personal training kids boutique studio. You will learn correct boxing technique and train on boxing bags, not focus pads.

We also offer small weightlifting classes, personal training, yoga and kids classes. We have a strong focus on exercise technique and even in a group class you will feel like you are participating in a personal training session. Please forward this error screen to 204. Please forward this error screen to 72. We’ve got the personal training programs, equipment and coaches to help you achieve a healthier stronger you! Personal Training helping people in Oakville.

Given the time to think about personal safety more. I am taking away a greater feeling of awareness, as I know what to look for. Embed the information we have within the business. Stories and examples regarding personal safety. Making me think about my own personal safety. Mind maps on refreshing potential risks that we can come across to make staff safe. The mixture of interactive and group tasks to keeps engaged.

I enjoyed the team working and sharing experiences. Nice to be working for an organisation that cares. Always need to be reviewing this with staff. Regardless of how much experience you have – it is important to stop, think and evaluate what we are doing!

I enjoyed the course very much. The excellent and engaging, informative presentation and format. Very interesting and made you think about your safety. Good to hear from other teams. Worthwhile course and worthwhile doing a refresher later on. Information put across in a very easy way.

Makes you think about things that you don’t think about on a daily basis when you should. Sharing information regarding cooling down techniques. I found it really interesting and all aspects were very good. Listening to other people’s stories and what knowledge they have.

Being made aware of own personal safety. Easy to follow and well presented. General participation and contribution of all group members – energetic discussion. Looking at everyday scenarios through different eyes! The tone of the presenter and the content.