Phased drawing of flowers for kids presentation

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As we arrived we were confronted by a lorry with a large triangular structure to the rear which was completely covered in dead rabbits. I once joined a walk over Pilsdon Pen led by a knowledgeable lady archaeologist who told us that the hill may have been an old rabbit warren. She said rabbits were introduced to this country by the Romans who constructed warrens in suitable places, such as on sandy soil and downland. It occurs to me that perhaps Coney’s Castle on the edge of the Marshwood Vale may be so called because it once housed a thriving rabbit colony, coney being another name for rabbit. In the 14th century Lords of the Manor created warrens in their parks or poor downland as a commercial enterprise. By the 15th century rabbits were sold for 4d or 5d for a couple. One West Country manor received one-third of its revenue from the sale of rabbits, more than the proceeds of sales of wool and livestock together.