Photos of German children

You are probably right, this is how they are depicted by Hollywood, but reality was somehow different. Let’s see how it was thanks to the rare and photos of German children archive photos we have here today! Basically, Nazi German soldiers were regular people just like you and me. They were unlucky to be conscripted into the army by Hitler’s government but they were regular guys who liked to dance with girls, etc.

Many of them were carrying their cameras to take photos and send them back to their families in Germany. They often got along very well all together. Germans do speak english very well. After the war, most of germa was occupied by western allies and after signing NATO contracts etc. SO western Germany was on the USA-side and learning English at school was compulsory. Second thing is, that both, English and German are Germanic-Languages are lots of words aren’t very different.

As a German, English is very easy to learn. Most people here will understand you. I don’t know about Russia, but I was in the Ukraine once and it was horrible. Young people do have basics in English language.

My Russian is very very bad but I would’ve been lost without it. Most films are dubbed to german. Many smaller countries speak better, because they learn from tv. Germans can speak English -_- you are very very easy minded, you should learn more about history, then you will be smart. 100 Jews dead he count only 1.