Physical development of the boy of 4 years

The chances of being bitten by a shark are 80 physical development of the boy of 4 years to one. This incredible documentary features and analyses two such cases illustrating how future attacks could be stopped.

In Romania, Lucica Bunghez is being eaten alive, consumed by an 11-stone tumour growing out of her back. The story of the world’s heaviest woman, Renee Williams, a 64-stone, 29-year-old mother of two who, in a desperate bid to save her life, undergoes major surgery. Kenneth Brumley, 40, weighed 73 stone when he prepared for a do-or-die operation. This is the story of a father, his family and his country, America, with 15 million morbidly obese people. The story of 19-year-old Billy Robbins from Houston, Texas. Weighing 60 stone and reportedly the world’s heaviest teenager, he now wants to shed much of his weight and turn his life around.

This Bodyshock special meets Jyoti Amge, a normal Indian teenager who enjoys going to school and socialising with her friends, but Jyoti is only one foot 11 inches tall. Exploring the extraordinary and disturbing story of Armin Miewes, a 41-year-old man from Germany who advertised on the internet for willing victims he could kill and eat. With her legs fused together like a tail, Milagros Cerron has one of the world’s rarest birth abnormalities: sirenomelia, or ‘mermaid syndrome’. Can plastic surgeon Dr Luis Rubio save her? An exploration of the world of extreme human obesity through the story of Patrick Deuel, who until recently was the fattest man in the world. Dzhambulat Khatokhov, aged seven, weighs in at 16 stone – as much as a baby elephant. British doctor Ian Campbell travels to the far south of Russia to uncover a disturbing story.