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Tom Coughlin smiles at the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund Charity event. There Damontre Moore was, playing on the gigantic bouncy slide play blogs the field house at the Giants’ Qwest Diagnostics practice facility.

The Giants will end training camp a different way this year. The Giants continued their offseason roster tweaking Monday. The Giants invited 44 players for a tryout at their weekend rookie mini-camp. In the end, only four survived. The roster includes draft picks, undrafted rookies, tryout players, and anyone else the Giants invited to attend. The Giants ended the draft with 85 of their 90 roster spots filled, leaving them room to sign five undrafted free agents.

Tom Coughlin wanted help along the defensive line. So the Giants got him a developmental DE who knows all about the Big Blue D-lines of old. If the Giants don’t pick a defensive lineman in Round 2, Alabama safety Landon Collins could be their guy. After the Giants’ coach talked of improving his teams offensive and defensive lines, a big D-tackle could be next. New York Giants GM Jerry Reese with New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. Here’s the official Daily News projection of whom the Giants will take with the ninth overall pick.

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