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For the album, see Truancy: The Very Best of Pete Townshend. This article play school in india additional citations for verification. Truancy is any intentional, unjustified, unauthorized, or illegal absence from compulsory education.

It is absence caused by students of their own free will, and usually does not refer to legitimate excused absences, such as ones related to medical conditions. Truancy is usually explicitly defined in the school’s handbook of policies and procedures. In some schools, truancy may result in not being able to graduate or to receive credit for classes attended, until the time lost to truancy is made up through a combination of detention, fines, or summer school. Truancy is a frequent subject of popular culture. Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend.

There are a number of expressions in most of languages which refer to truancy. In South Africa, the slang used is bunking, mulling, skipping or jippo. In Jamaica, it is called skulling. In Denmark, some welfare benefits can be confiscated for a period if the child does not attend school. However, not all cities use this approach to keep the children in school.

In Finland truant pupils usually get detention in comprehensive schools. The police are not involved in truancy control but the teachers of the school monitor the school area and sometimes the nearby areas during recess to avoid unauthorized absence. If the pupil is absent for a long period of time the parents may be fined. In Germany, the parents of a child absent from school without a legitimate excuse are notified by the school. If the parents refuse to send their child to school or are unable to control their child, local child services or social services officers may request the police to escort the child to school, and in extreme cases may petition a court to partially or completely remove child custody from the parents.

In England and Wales, truancy is a criminal offence for parents if the child concerned is registered at school. Truancy laws do not apply to children educated at home or otherwise under Section 7 of the Act. Since 1998, a police officer of or above the rank of superintendent may direct that for a specified time in a specified area a police officer may remove a child believed to be absent from a school without authority to that school or to another designated place. However this is not a power of arrest and it is not a power to detain, and does not make truancy a criminal offence. In the United States, truancy regulations are generally enforced by school officials under the context of parental responsibility. New automated calling systems allow the automated notification of parents when a child is not marked present in the computer, and truancy records for many states are available for inspection online. Until the child reaches the age of compulsory, most parents are responsible for their children’s attendance.

Children in private school or homeschooling are exempt from mandatory public school. Home-school mom charged with allowing truancy”. Reducing absenteeism and early school leaving. 155 elever er ikke mødt op Archived 2009-01-07 at the Wayback Machine. Truancy mother sent to jail again”. Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor? Life’s a beach for many students on senior skip day”.

This page was last edited on 17 April 2018, at 16:40. For other uses, see Indian school. Another report from 2013 stated that there were 22. Hence, the differentiation of government schools and private schools can be misleading. In India’s higher education system, a significant number of seats are reserved under affirmative action policies for the historically disadvantaged Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. University of Calcutta, established on 1857, was the first multidisciplinary and secular Western-style institution in Asia.