Potty training videos for kids online

403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied. Please forward this error screen to 72. It may sound potty, but whistling to your baby could have him toilet-trained before potty training videos for kids online can walk.

A study of Vietnamese families credited whistling with getting babies out of nappies by just nine months. By the age of two, when many British toddlers are yet to start potty training, the Vietnamese children were managing the entire process by themselves. Swedish researchers said potty training started almost from birth, with mothers making a whistling sound when their child gave a sign that they needed to go. The researchers said that while Western babies are potty trained later now than in the past, early toilet training has traditionally been regarded as a badge of pride in Vietnam. They added that as well as saving on the cost of nappies and the time spent changing them, learning to control the bladder very early in life may be better for urinary health. In the past, potty training often started before the age of one. But today’s mothers are advised to wait until their child is 18 months to two years old – and many begin even later.

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Guy Proves That Google Is Listening To You! A 20-month-old baby boy fell into a pit of sludge and excrement after trying to use a public toilet. Firefighters were called to rescue the toddler as he lay floundering in the pit in Yanji, north east China. Chinese loos are typically a hole in the ground. Still potty training, the boy had lost his balance and screamed for his mother as he tumbled into a pool of sewage. The boy wailed and screamed as he struggled to stand up in the mess. In a desperate bid to help her child, the mother was found holding a rake down so that he could hold onto it and keep his head above the slurry.