Practical jokes

Practical Jokes practical jokes an American television series. Debuting as a weekly series, new episodes have been broadcast as infrequent specials during most of its run. The series was predated by two separate series of specials, one devoted to television and film bloopers—humorous errors made during the production of film and television programs, or on live news broadcasts—and the other a series of specials featuring classic television commercials. David Letterman and, later, Robert Klein.

Video segments featuring songs played behind real-life scenes that gave an ironic twist to the lyrics. Len Cella’s “Silly Cinemas”, a series of absurd short films. Thom Sharp’s “Book of Hollywood”, a tour of unusual sights of the city. Wil Shriner’s Video Vault, where various humorous video clips were screened. Stand-up comedy performances, including appearances by Jerry Seinfeld and Jenny Jones. Throughout its entire run on both NBC and ABC, the series featured animated inserts by cartoonist Sergio Aragones, who is known for the comic book series Groo and his contributions to Mad Magazine.