Practical physics for kids

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He supported her up to her Christmas prelims, in which she scored two grade Bs. Muthu then helped her to identify her weaker areas and worked on these with textbooks and thorough use of past papers. My daughter looked forward to his lessons – they were never a chore to endure. He makes Maths and Physics seem easier! This time last year we searched for a tutor, found this website and haven’t looked back. I called Muthu and he felt he could help. After the first session our son gave us the thumbs up.

Muthu continued to make weekly visits and gradually our son’s confidence and grades improved. By February, he passed his prelim which was such good news considering where he had come from. Things continued to improve and by May he approached his exam with a quiet confidence. Such a shame he didn’t get the A but an amazing achievement nevertheless. I would highly recommend Muthu and we have now invited him back to tutor our younger son through his Nat 5 maths. I wanted to thank Mutuh for that.

His invaluable and irreplaceable guidance made this hard task achievement possible in the smoothest possible way. Mutuh perfectly knows what is needed in the process of learning, which does not mean just reviewing past papers, but rather understanding your kid’s potential and progressively work in order to strengthen knowledge and self-confidence. His lessons are not standard but tailored on your kid. Mutuh is knowledgeable, reliable and professional. If kids struggle with subjects like maths or physics, or if they want to achieve the best results, no money is better spent than on a valid tutor. We strongly recommend Mutuh as that tutor. Lewis was overwhelmed from National 5 to Higher.