Pre-school education facilities

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Kent School is a private, co-educational college preparatory school in Kent, Connecticut, United States. Students at Kent come from more than 40 foreign countries and nearly as many states. 570 students, about 520 of whom board. As of the 2016-2017 school year, the school has an enrollment of 570 students and a student-teacher ratio of 7:1. Born in New York City on March 10, 1874, Father Reverend Frederick Herbert Sill attended Columbia University and the General Theological Seminary. He was a monk of the Order of the Holy Cross and in 1906 he saw the need for a school where “young men with slender means could gain an education second to none. Father Sill led the school for the first thirty-five years of its existence.

In the ensuing years, four headmasters have led Kent. He was appointed Headmaster in 1981. Founded in the Episcopal tradition, as were many New England boarding schools, Kent has retained its spiritual affiliation in an era when many other institutions have relinquished theirs. Kent’s diverse student body comes from a variety of religious backgrounds and secular traditions. The entire student body gathers at St. Joseph’s Chapel for three weekly services, which often include a student, faculty, or guest speaker or performance. Originally an all-boys school, a campus for girls opened in 1960 on Skiff Mountain with 100 girls in the third and fourth forms, making Kent one of the first of the traditional New England boarding schools to offer co-education.

The girls’ and boys’ campuses were consolidated in 1992, resulting in the current, fully integrated co-educational campus . From the onset, Kent has been a pioneer in educating a variety of students, regardless of their social or economic status. Father Sill was committed to educating students from “all walks of life. This mission resulted in his sliding scale tuition, where families paid what Father Sill felt they could afford. The average length of tenure at the School is more than twelve years.

Many teachers live on campus either in faculty apartments in the dorms or in faculty village, a grouping of homes on the north side of campus. Kent offers a college-preparatory curriculum with over 160 courses, 27 of which are Advanced Placement. Many courses are offered at the normal, honors, accelerated, and AP levels, giving students the opportunity to find challenging courses in whatever subject they are interested in. The average class size is twelve students.

Kent is one of a few boarding schools to offer a pre-engineering program. There are several pre-engineering classes offered, such as Structures and Manufacturing Engineering, and after school activities, such as robotics and the robotics team that competes at the FIRST Robotics Competition. During the summer, Kent offers many of its pre-engineering courses through its SEEK program. Kent has many proud and unique traditions that help to distinguish and characterize the school. As well, Kent still uses many of the traditional English boarding school terms, such as referring to grades as forms and calling certain student leaders prefects. Rock Day is a day that signifies the transition to the 6th form, or senior year, from the 5th form, or junior year. In the last few weeks of school, the rising seniors climb Skiff Mountain, located on campus, and paint a large rock, called Numeral Rock, that overlooks the Housatonic River Valley.

The students paint their graduation year on the rock in their class colors and may paint each other in the process. At the end of each academic year, the upperformers gather in St. At Tapping, each Senior Council member passes on their role to the rising senior who has been elected for that same role. Each member of the Senior Council is elected by the student body and faculty and Tapping is, essentially, the formal event that announces the results. Spirit Day is Kent’s fall athletic day. All athletic teams have home games that weekend and the traditional opponent on Spirit Day is Loomis Chaffee.

In fact, the day was called Loomis Day until league rules limited Kent from playing Loomis in football. Because the football team does not play Loomis, it is now called Spirit Day. The Ring Ceremony is an event between the 5th and 6th form girls at the end of each academic year. Each 6th form girl will present a 5th form girl with their class ring. It has been traditional for each Kent student to have a job while they are at school.