Preparation for school of children with dysarthria

I preparation for school of children with dysarthria listed the various therapies below as Alternative Therapies because some doctors, and most insurance companies, may consider them out of the norm. Hospitals have different points of view as well.

We had one hospital that really looked down on alternative therapies while the second hospital we were in advertised a number of alternative therapies all over the hospital. My wife and her family have been very much into herbal and natural remedies for years so, while I have always been somewhat skeptical, I am at least open to trying them. We tried some of the alternative therapies soon after my daughter’s injury. In an attempt to try not to influence the results, we only discussed the therapies outside the room and then let the practitioners come in and do their thing with no preparation. With that background in mind, I urge you to also keep an open mind and consider trying some of these alternative therapies.