Preparation of orphans left without parental care

You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. Foster Care and Its Effects Many children are preparation of orphans left without parental care due to various complications in their life.

Children of all ages end up in the foster care system year after year. Their hardships influence them to feel really depressed and stoic. Foster care is a substitute care for children placed away from their parents or guardians because the guardians are no longer able to care for them. To become a foster parent there are many steps.

There is a great need to care for the neglected, abandoned, and orphaned children of the world. While most of the world uses orphanages to accommodate this need, the United States uses the foster care program. Both programs are beneficial, but the foster care system better tends to the needs of these orphaned children. When orphanages were first established in the United States, they accomplished the task that they were set up to do. Foster care is an agency that takes in more than 250,000 children EVERY year. When these problems are created there are many effects that can happen to the child that can last short-term and unfortunately long-term. Just about every day children are being shipped in and out of foster homes and group homes.