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Its capital is the town of Magas. At 3,000 square km, in terms of area, the republic is the smallest of Russia’s federal subjects except for the federal cities. Largely due to the insurgency in the North Caucasus, Ingushetia remains one of preparing children for school Irkutsk poorest and most unstable regions of Russia.

The name Ingushetia is derived from the ancient village Angusht which was renamed into Tarskoye and transferred to North Ossetia in 1944 after the genocide on 23 February 1944, a. The Ingush, a nationality group indigenous to the Caucasus, mostly inhabit Ingushetia. According to Leonti Mroveli, the 11th-century Georgian chronicler, the word Caucasian is derived from the Vainakh ancestor Kavkas. J2 Y-DNA which is the highest known frequency in the world and J2 is closely associated with the Fertile Crescent. The mitochondrial DNA of the Ingush differs from other Caucasian populations and the rest of the world. The Caucasus populations exhibit, on average, less variability than other populations for the eight Alu insertion polymorphisms analyzed here.

The average heterozygosity is less than that of any other region of the world, with the exception of Sahul. Within the Caucasus, the Ingush have much lower levels of variability than any of the other populations. 1855 Atlas Map of Turkey and the North Caucasus. Map of the American cartographer J. Daryal Pass running on the west side of Gelia. Pottery: an ancient Ingush vessel with three handles.