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A glamorous local Russian MP and her husband – both semi-naked on the back seat of their Toyota RAV4 – died when a bomb exploded in the vehicle. The face of Oksana Bobrovskaya, 30, who was in Vladimir Putin’s United Russia Party, was ripped off in the blast in Siberia’s largest city, Novosibirsk. While she and husband Nikita appeared to be having a late-night romp when the car exploded in temperatures of minus 6C near her office, police fear the husband may have detonated the explosives in a fit of jealousy. Eyewitnesses who rushed to the scene said that when the bodies were removed from the car, both the MP and her husband were ‘naked below the belt’. Police sources alleged the couple has rowed before the fatal incident and he had accused her of ‘cheating’ on him with a wealthy lover.