Preschool age bikes

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Baby Blessings Preschool and Playgroup Lonehill! It is our pleasure to welcome you to Baby Blessings Preschool and Playgroup Lonehill! Baby Blessings is a Christian based Preschool and Playgroup, set in beautiful grounds, with large grassed play areas, and based in the heart of Lonehill. Our warm and nurturing educational environment allows our children to grow in skills and confidence, in the care of our wonderful team of experienced and preschool age bikes Teachers.

Teacher meetings and various other activities throughout the year. With Christian principles and values, we trust and believe that each child that enters our gates will be truly blessed. With lots to learn and lots to do, and playtime out in the sun. Then into my classroom I go, with lots of friends to meet. We start with a little free play time, what should I do today? Maybe dolls or maybe cars, as long as I can play. What am I going to learn today, what is my activity?

As we produce our works of art that are sent home just for you. The jungle gym, bikes, swings and sand, how could we not have fun? We wash our bikes, we water the plants, and have tea parties just like you. Oh what a wonderful time we had, our play time was just the best!

In the background our music playing, a new song or a new rhyme. So many fun things to do at school, just told you about a few. To say goodbye to our Teachers, and to say goodbye to our friends. Coz me and my friends have school tomorrow, and I just cannot wait! A transportation theme is a traditional topic in most preschools but why? Preschoolers love activties that include playing with all types of transportation theme items including vehicles such as cars, trucks, airplanes and more. This topic is part of their everyday lives.