Preschool age cut off

Review the activities, printable materials, theme accessories for the hearts owl craft and learning links below to decide on what sequence or materials works best for your needs. Valentine’s Day:  The heart theme lends itself to preschool age cut off the owl in Valentine colors to make a cute greeting card or decoration.

Accessories:  Heart balloon with message or blank black and white version – make a large greeting card. Graduation Theme –  many preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders will have their first graduation experiences or they can make this for an older sibling or relative that is graduating. Accessories:  Write a short greeting inside diploma pattern, write name of child on graduation hat. Teacher’s Appreciation Week, Child Care Provider’s Appreciation, Back to School or Community Helper Theme:  include with a gift or attach to gift bag.

Accessories:  write a greeting inside the apple leaf or the center of the owl body. Halloween or Nocturnal Scene:  The owl is often depicted in “mysterious” night scenes looking out of his “home” in  a tree or on a tree branch because it is generally nocturnal — active at night. The craft can be used to create an easy nocturnal scene with a branch as depicted in the illustration on the right column. Ideally, plan for a couple of days of activities for older children and keep it simple for the 2-3 year olds. Activity:  Hearts Owl Craft  Ages 2.

Tell the children they are going to have fun with a craft related to a unique bird:  the owl! Review printing and assembly options that best meet your needs. Children can color, paint or decorate first,  cut out and proceed as above. Trace the patterns on folded construction paper or left-over paper to obtain pieces needed in each color. Assembly:  Each template has a small illustration of the finished owl craft to help children have an idea of how it looks when assembled. For large groups it may help to have a cut out craft and place small pieces of tape behind each piece and show on a board a sequence of assembly.

Help children with location of accessory theme pieces. Tape a ribbon or string to back of head to use as decoration or ornament. Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day:  Fold a piece on paper or card stock in half and attach on the front. 1 piece of blue construction paper, 1 piece of brown construction paper or grocery bag material, small white paper circle for the moon. To create the branch, cut a letter L shape on the brown paper material the length of the blue construction paper and invert it. Cut wavy patterns of the letter L to make it more realistic.

Glue the branch to the blue construction paper. Glue the finished owl craft,  and glue the moon in place, add some easy face features to the moon. Add craft feathers, two on the sides for wings adds a realistic touch. Ask children to identify the shapes and colors on the template if using the color template. To conduct these activities pieces should be decorated and cut out. Counting:  Count how many of each  size there are.

You may want to write numbers on the blank side to acquaint the children with printed numbers. Show the small image provided in the template to help the children see how the finished craft looks and to aid them in positioning the pieces. After completing the craft the children can hold their finished craft while conducting some of the activities below. Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids Welcome to www. The following craft ideas and projects for kids were originally publishing in our newsletter.