Preschool education August 2013

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New digital technologies curriculum Equipping students with skills for Digital Technologies and Hangarau Matihiko learning. Changes in education Keep up to date with the changes in education policy and practice. Property Funding and property requirements for school buildings. He Pitopito Korero provides a central place for Ministry wide information for school leaders. He Pānui Kōhungahunga – Early Learning Bulletin Contains important information, changes and events for the early learning community. The time has come to breath some life back into this blog. And what better way to kick start things than an tribute to my love affair with the humble pallet.

As anyone who works with the budget in an early childhood setting knows only too well, money never stretches far enough. And even if it did, the most interesting materials and resources tend to be those that are found and reused in creative ways, or real life objects uncovered at garage sales or Op shops. 10 from a nursery or recycling centre, the pallet is an open ended resource that can be put to use in a learning environment in a myriad of ways. The clever folk at Oac Child Care have adapted pallets for use in a number of interesting ways.

Using one pallet, or two joined together a sheet of ply has been attached to the top and painted with blackboard paint. Lockable wheels have been added to the base, and voila! Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, it can be a chalk board, a table, a play surface for imaginative play scenes, a place to sit on, climb on or jump off. It pays to be choosy when selected the right pallet for your project.

Rinse well, and allow to completely dry. Remove or saw down any nails that are protruding from the wood. What have you created for your children at home or in an early childhood setting using pallets? The kids like to use ours as a stage, or forts but we have also made tables, balance beams and planters with them here. I love the pallet houses featured above! What a great blog post to come back to life with, Jenny!

Thanks for including my water run. Being a bit of a pallet junkie myself, I’ve a couple more blog posts on the theme. The place even had students on internships creating things from pallets! My word, you have hit the blog running my dear!

What a fab post I am in inspiration heaven here! Thanks so much for including my kitchen and pallet post. They truly are such a marvelous thing aren’t they? We have 2 currently sitting in the front yard awaiting an ideanow I have many, thanks for such a great post, it’s lovely to have you back.