Preschool education exam

84th ranking of government preschool education exam on education worldwide. After the fall of medieval Serbian state, among newly established schools were Slavic and Latin schools.

In 1778, Serbian primary school Norma was established in Sombor. In 1791, Gymnasium of Karlovci, the oldest Serbian gymnasium, was established. During the First Serbian Uprising, Belgrade Higher School was established in 1808. In 1838, in Kragujevac, Liceum of Serbian Principality was established.

It was moved to Belgrade in 1841. In 1863, it merged into the Belgrade Higher School. It had 3 faculties: philosophy, engineering and law. University of Belgrade was established in 1905. Serbian implemented the system from the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. 5 for preschools and at least 15 for primary and high schools.