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Need: Paper, yarn, straws Directions: Precut circular and rectangular shapes from construction paper. They may preschool education place yarn or string for the fire hose and use straws to make a ladder.

Press clear plastic wrap onto the paper and squeegee the paint around. Pull plastic off of the paper using a strong vertical pulling action. This will cause the paint to look like fire. Directions:¬† Let children lay a piece of manila paper in the box lid. Spoon out one to three small blobs of pint on the paper and place one or more marbles in the lid. By tilting the lid slightly the marbles will roll around through the paint and make “flame” designs. Add more spoonfuls of paint if desired to increase the color blending.

Directions: I give red long rectangles¬† and circles for wheels. If time permits I would give them scraps of paper to make a ladder. I like kids to be creative so I just demonstrate¬† and let them go. Directions: Cut 9’s and 1’s out of paper. Then glue them onto a piece of paper. See them crawl on the wall?

Creepy, creepy, crawling, never, never falling. Bug, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs. Point to one finger at a time. The first little cricket played a violin. The second little cricket joined right in. The third little cricket made a crackly song. The fourth little cricket helped him along.

The fifth little cricket cried, “Crick-crick-cree. The orchestra is over and it’s time for tea? Ant Hill added 4-14-98 Original Author unknown Once I saw an ant hill with no ants about. So I said, “Dear little ants, won’t you come out? One, two, three, four, five come out? Oh, the ants are busy, busy as can be.