Preschool education schedule

Pre-Kindergarten for children ages 3, 4 and 5. Connecting with family, community preschool education schedule God.

Spaces for the 2018-2019 school year are filling fast! Your child will sing songs, read, explore art materials while building letter recognition and more. Pre-Kindergarten Program Kindergarten Preparation for the Fours is a program for children returning to a school setting as well as children new to the environment. Preparing for Kindergarten covers not only the academic learning but also self-confidence, the ability to work in a group and independence skills. Little Zion Enrichment Clubs Where you are looking a fun, academically focused club for your child to engage their interest or you are looking for an extended day option, Little Zion Enrichment Clubs are for you! That is our favorite question in our Puddle Ducks class. Puddle Ducks is an age appropriate science program.

This program includes hands on experiments, science vocabulary, projects and more. It is hard to believe that sprng is upon us and it is time for our last fundraiser of the school year! Let’s Get Ready to Dance  One thing that has really stood out to me in my first year as your Director is the amount of family involvement we have. Hear what the families and children at Little Zion Preschool have to say. We first walked through the doors of Little Zion Preschool almost 11 years ago with our son Aidan! Every teacher goes out of their way to make sure you and your child feels welcome.