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A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. President Obama visited a preschool in Decatur, Ga. President Obama is following up on his State of the Union with visits to North Carolina, Georgia and Illinois. President Obama visits a pre-kindergarten classroom in Decatur, Ga. President Obama on Thursday called for high-quality preschool programs for “every child in America,” although he included no details on how to pay for it. I propose working with states like Georgia to make high-quality preschool available to every child in America, every child in America,” he said after visiting an early childhood learning center in this Atlanta suburb.

Every dollar we invest in high-quality education can save more than seven dollars later on,” the president said. If you’re looking for a good bang for your educational buck, this is it right here. Decatur Recreation Center, east of Atlanta, after touring the nearby College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center. He was joined by some of the state’s top Democratic politicians, including Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, former Georgia senator Max Cleland, U. Hank Johnson and former state Labor commissioner Michael Thurmond. In his State of the Union speech Tuesday, Obama had singled out Georgia as a state that has made strides in early childhood education. The state made a commitment to universal pre-K in 1995, with the effort to be funded by state lottery proceeds.

In recent years, with lottery revenues flat, officials have cut the pre-K program. It was reduced by 20 days in 2011, although Republican Gov. Nathan Deal got legislators to restore 10 of those days last year and seeks to add back the other 10 in his current budget proposal. The president acknowledged that the kind of top quality preschool programs he’s proposing are expensive. But he added: “The size of your paycheck, though, shouldn’t determine your child’s future. Let’s make sure none of our kids start out the race of life already a step behind. Let’s make it a national priority to give every child access to a high-quality preschool education.

Obama argued that his proposal, which has few specifics, is critical for the nation’s future. If their generation prospers,” he said, “if they’ve got the skills they need to get a good job, that means businesses want to locate here. It also means, by the way, that they’re well-equipped as citizens with the critical thinking skills they need to help guide our democracy. As the president spoke, a large, multicolored “Preschool For All” banner was hanging on the wall to his right. He opened his 16-minute remarks with: “I can’t imagine a more romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day. She made me promise to get back in time for our date tonight. He just came right in and joined the groups and it was perfect.