Preschool musical development

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I am thrilled to be bringing you our Preschool Homeschooling Schedule! We loosely follow this plan to guide our weeks and days and to help keep us on track. This free downloadable printable will hopefully help you both get organized, and get relaxed, knowing that children learn through play, and most important is to read and play with our children! Preschool Homeschooling Schedule – simple and easy to adapt! I wanted to have some suggestions for each category on our free printable preschool schedule.

I hope that further explanation of these categories will help homeschooling preschool seem less intimidating. A schedule is not required AT ALL to homeschool your little ones, however, it’s helpful for some to visualize the days. So I make sure I play with them and set up invitations to play and learn as much as I am able. Read: We have set times in the day that we read together. I like to stick to the morning, noon, night routine. We read on the couch first thing in the morning, then again late morning, early afternoon, and at bed time.

During these times, I usually let each child pick one book — sometimes from our home collection and sometimes from our library bag, to make sure there is some variety in the books! I like to have the chance to read individually with each of my children — to make them feel special and have that one-on-one time. It doesn’t always happen, but I try to be intentional about giving each child this special bonding time. Play: I let the children play.

They play independently and together and with me. I don’t have a real rhyme or reason to this, and I’d like to get better with it. In the mornings John craves alone time to play with his dinosaurs, army men, or bugs on spaceships. He takes this time to imagine and create. I often stand by his door — he closes it — to listen to the world he has created.

2 year old sister often wants to tag along with her big brother, but I have tried to facilitate her towards quiet play too. And they often play together, though my son can get very aggressive, so I have to keep an eye on them, but sometimes they get in the groove, particularly at quiet time and it’s amazing. And I try to sit down and play with them too. Giving them those 10 or 15 minutes, uninterrupted really shows how important they are to me, and it means the world to them! Music: Bringing music into the home can be as simple as playing music in the background while children play or singing a morning and evening song.

It is important to expose children to all different genres of music. We play classical, opera, jazz, country, children’s music, even Metallica. The kids love to listen and dance. Music is a powerful tool for helping children stay on task as well.