Preschool preparation of children for school

Mary Cariola’s Preschool Program is designed to meet the individual needs of children ages three to five years. Students’ abilities and developmental delays can vary significantly, so a range of class sizes and staff ratios are available in our full and half day classrooms. A major goal of our Preschool Program is to provide intense, often one on one, attention to our students during these formative years. In addition, we hope to maximize every opportunity preschool preparation of children for school academic and social growth, and increase chances for success in a less restrictive environment.

School Our School Age Program provides full-day educational programming for students 5 to 21 years of age. This educational programming is individualized and specialized to meet the complex needs of our students based on the significance of their disabilities. Through evidenced-based decision-making, interdisciplinary professional teams utilize innovative educational and therapeutic programming to insure the students make noted progress on their goals. Counseling support, Behavioral Programming and when at the appropriate age, Transition Programming, as part of their school day. One of the biggest challenges for our students and residents is to learn how to constructively manage their time when structured work programs or day programs are not in session. An individual plan is developed for each individual that will include tasks, activities, community outings, projects and work experience opportunities with a variety of partners.

The Preschool and Day Care program has been serving the San Antonio community for more than 50 years. As part of The Christian School at Castle Hills, our mission is to teach children to know Christ and make Him known! Each day, school begins in circle time with songs, prayer, pledges and Bible verses. Love and laughter—along with a Christ-centered, warm and nurturing environment—are evident in each of our classrooms. One of our goals is to maintain a well-balanced curriculum for each of our classes that includes hands-on learning and an academic foundation critical for school readiness.