Preschool teacher associates degree salary

What Is an Educational Specialist Degree? It can be a good intermediate step for teachers who want to eventually pursue an Ed. But even without a preschool teacher associates degree salary level degree, the Ed.

If you already have your teaching license, and are looking to expand your studies into graduate level courses, a Ed. Degree can be right for you. An educational specialist is typically an educator that delivers professional development training to other teachers or corporate staff members. We have direct relationships with the schools listed below, to better understand their needs and help you make the right decision. Be sure to compare and request information from the programs that interest you. An Educational Specialist degree is suitable for individuals seeking leadership roles in public schools or positions as teachers in junior colleges and small colleges. Individuals with this degree may pursue positions as superintendents and principals of public schools, curriculum specialists, school psychologists, trainers, college instructors, and central office administrators.