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He is a retired professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, formerly holding the titles of Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar. Ayers grew up in Glen Ellyn, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. President Paul Potter, asked his audience, “How will you live your life so that it doesn’t make a mockery of your values? In 1965, Ayers joined a picket line protesting an Ann Arbor, Michigan pizzeria for refusing to seat African Americans. His first arrest came for a sit-in at a local draft board, resulting in 10 days in jail. The school was a part of the nationwide “free school movement”.

Within a few months, at age 21, Ayers became director of the school. The group Ayers headed in Detroit, Michigan, became one of the earliest gatherings of what became the Weathermen. Before the June 1969 SDS convention, Ayers became a prominent leader of the group, which arose as a result of a schism in SDS. In June 1969, the Weathermen took control of the SDS at its national convention, where Ayers was elected Education Secretary. Ayers participated in the Days of Rage riot in Chicago in October 1969, and in December was at the “War Council” meeting in Flint, Michigan. Two major decisions came out of the “War Council”. Although the bomb that rocked the Pentagon was itsy-bitsy—weighing close to two pounds—it caused ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ of damage.

500, and no one was killed or even hurt. After the bombing, Ayers became a fugitive. During this time, Ayers and fellow member Bernardine Dohrn married and remained fugitives together, changing identities, jobs and locations. In 1973, new information came to light about FBI operations targeted against Weather Underground and the New Left, all part of a series of covert and often illegal FBI projects called COINTEL. However, state charges against Dohrn remained. Dohrn was still reluctant to turn herself in to authorities. He was sweet and patient, as he always is, to let me come to my senses on my own,” she later said of Ayers.

She turned herself in to authorities in 1980. 1,500 and given three years probation. In 1973, Ayers co-authored the book Prairie Fire with other members of the Weather Underground, which they dedicated to close to 200 people including Harriet Tubman, John Brown, “All Who Continue to Fight,” and “All Political Prisoners in the U. In 2001, Ayers published Fugitive Days: A Memoir, which he explained in part as an attempt to answer the questions of Kathy Boudin’s son, and his speculation that Diana Oughton died trying to stop the Greenwich Village bomb-makers. Some have questioned the truth, accuracy, and tone of the book. Chicago Magazine reported that “just before the September 11th attacks,” Richard Elrod, a city lawyer injured in the Weathermen’s Chicago “Days of Rage”, received an apology from Ayers and Dohrn for their part in the violence. They said, ‘We’re sorry that things turned out this way.