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A Christian preschool teacher fights back tears, after her face to face meeting with school leaders, who tell her, she’s fired. And it has nothing to do with her performance in the classroom. Nina Skye says, ‘I couldn’t work there because it goes against their statement of faith that it goes against their views of fornication, like sex before marriage and that’s what I’m doing. They say it goes against the paper I signed, saying I wouldn’t do that.

What Nina has been doing, besides teaching the a-b-c’s, is moonlighting in another job. That’s because Nina Skye is a porn actress. She’s an up and coming star in the adult film industry. Nina calls it her dream job, ‘having sex. She says it is something she really enjoys, not to mention the easy money that comes with making porn.

Nina says, ‘It is easy money. I never had that much money, ever, just handed to me in my life. But now, Nina is paying the price for that easy money. Her days working in a classroom as a teacher could be over.