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I’m so glad that you’re here. Sit back, enjoy, and explore inside this virtual cupboard. I pray that you’ll find ideas and resources to equip and encourage you as you embark on a joyful journey into learning with your children. The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. This work by Michelle Hubbard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3. All non-credited text, printables, and photos on the Hubbard’s Cupboard website are copyrighted 2000-2017 by Michelle Hubbard. If you would like to share, please share the url of the page – not the file links.

Take pictures of the children the first day of school. I attach the pictures to a fishing net with fish  cut outs and hang up with the words  “What a Great Catch! Developing thinking skills in young children can be fun for the parent, teacher, or caregiver as well as the child. Here are three things you can do today to develop thinking skills in your preschool child. Ask your child questions, play make believe games, and let them help with chores such as shopping and sorting clothes. Ask your child to help you make a list of the items you may need from the store, and ask your child to sort the like items on the list so the shopping trip will be quick and easy.

Provide story starters about a variety of situations and let them tell you what happens and why. Please be familiar with these Terms of Use before using any worksheets from this site. In order to view and print worksheets from this site you will need Adobe Reader version 6 or later. You may download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader here. Printing Tip: If a worksheet page does not appear properly, reload or refresh the . Winter or Summer – Students will color pictures depicting summer and winter then cut them out and paste them under the appropriate season. Students will look at the four weather related pictures in each box and mark an X on the one that does not belong.

All Kinds of Weather – Draw a line to match the children to the weather. Students will draw a line to math each animal with the food it eats. All of these people are missing their shoes. Can you match each person with the correct pair of shoes? Healthy Foods – Preschool children will color the fruits and vegetables and mark an X on the foods that are not healthy.