Preschool theme calendar 2013

Preschool theme calendar 2013 haven’t made this with ER yet, but plan to when she gets a little older. Right now we make Shutterfly photo calendars each year for the grandparents. A scrapbooker could easily recreate the calendar using color cardstock paper.

I am a preschool teacher in Auburn, AL and love your handprint calendar idea. I am not able to read some of the poems that you have for some of the months. Are you willing to share them with me? I would love to do this project with my class.

I would love to do this with my daycare kids for gifts for their parents. I wish I would have seen this earlier. Would you mind sharing the poems with me and letting me know where you got the really cute templates? Can you please share the poems. I’ve seen some calendars in the past, however, I believe your’s is the best I’ve seen so far. If you are sharing the poems I would love a copy please. This is one of the best handprint calendars I’ve seen since I’ve been searching.

Just like the others, are you willing to share the poems? How about the beautful calendar templates for each month? I love the country art calendar font and pictures compared to just using a blank publisher calendard. Would you be willing to send me the words to your poems? Thanks so much for your help! I would love a copy of the poems if you are sharing. I have been looking at various calendars and I love the look of yours!

I would also love anything you are willing to share! I would love a copy of your poems, also if you are sharing. I would love to have a copy of the monthly poems as well. Could you send me a copy of your poems! The country clipart is adorable and the poems seem so cute! I have a hard time being real crafty, so copying the templates on construction paper is definitely something I can do. Would you mind sharing so I could use it with my kindergarteners?