Preschoolers age 3

I Can’preschoolers age 3 Believe I Said That! NO let me do it alone.

It’s important to remember that your child may simply be doing his job growing up, and saying ‘yes’ to himself, rather than ‘no’ to you. How They Communicate Between ages two and three, many preschoolers begin to use more complicated sentences. However, this does not mean that they understand all of an adult’s words or abstract concepts. In fact, preschoolers are often very literal thinkers and interpret ideas concretely. Many are only beginning to think logically and understand sequences of events.

Preschoolers learn that they can use specific words to say what they mean. They have long known their parents’ words have power over their lives and they are beginning to realize that their own words can make a difference as well. They create more powerful meanings using their growing vocabulary. No” and “Why” become common words for young preschoolers.

Saying “No” is a way a preschooler claims her space. Saying “Why” is a wish to understand the world around her. Why” is also a word preschoolers use to question authority. Underneath the question, they are saying “Why do you have power over me when I want to feel autonomous? Preschoolers like to participate in decisions.

This gives them a feeling of control and independence. A preschooler might think, “I can take a different position from my mother — and I like it. Or, “By saying what I want, I am a big kid. Preschoolers love to imitate other people’s words.