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Please forward this error screen to 212. Though it may improve with age, there is no cure. Many children outgrow this disorder as they reach secondary school age. Constant itch makes life uncomfortable for those with this condition, primrose school locations matter what age they are.

We included 27 studies, with 1596 adults and children from 12 countries. We looked for evidence of overall improvement in eczema and in quality of life. All 27 studies evaluated overall improvement of eczema, but only 2 studies of EPO measured improvement in quality of life. Another reports a single case in which EPO was thought to have produced harms.

We found no clinical evidence of such harm in these short-term trials. This is a synthesis of the medical research on a particular subject. It uses thorough methods to search for and include all or as much as possible of the research on the topic. BO or EPO are effective in treatment of eczema. Both of these products and the placebos used in the studies had similar mild, temporary side-effects, which were mainly gastrointestinal.