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Stay tuned for the new and improved I AM! As you know The I AM Program is all about putting children in touch with their true power. Powerful beings capable of creating a life of success and happiness. To do this most effectively we must first be able to see ourselves in the same way. If there are aspects of self-love, connection, and personal awareness you are struggling with, this course cold be for you. Read articles and watch videos from the I AM Change BLOG HERE!

Bosco and his brothers, Musa and Julius were found to be living alone since their parents died. With the help of LITA- Love is the answer, a Canadian Charity and ourselves here at The I AM Program these kids are being cared for in every way we possibly can. We are committed to ongoing financial support for their education and wellbeing. Forward thinking council members, youth workers and I at The I AM Program will be implementing all kinds of  activities and emotional intelligence strategies, doing our best to empower the children of Brewarrina. It is exciting and heart warming to be given the chance to plant some seeds for a fulfilling and successful future for the young people of Bre. Whether you would like to volunteer in the classroom, make emotional intelligence workshops your business or simply learn more about The I AM Program, this course is for YOU!

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Your email address will be kept private. Any small donation is appreciated to help us continue to support the I AM For Children Incentives such as providing for Bosco , Musa and Julius. The KIDS IN TOUCH Program is currently being piloted in 8 countries and over fifty homes and classrooms. Developing Connection, Emotional Intelligence and Wellbeing in your Family is EASY! The Amazing Brain – Information and workshop on the neuroplasticity of the brain and how to develop a positive direction.

The Kids In Touch KIT for Educators and Schools is available now! 20 Kids in Touch Values Workshop Plans inc. Visualisations, Affirmation Sheets, Templates for Pass it on Values Cards. My choices as a child and teenager were awful. I support the mission of this Program and maybe you should to. By the time children reach the age of three, they have established relationships with families, peers, and others outside their home and school environments. By the time they are four or five, they are capable of expressing and labeling a wide range of emotions.

Teachers who are concerned about the social and emotional growth of their children must be aware of the contributions of the psychoanalytic theorist Erik Erikson. The outcomes of these conflicts can have positive or negative effects on ego development. During the first year, a child learns that the world is a trustworthy place and that she can trust those around her for sustenance, protection, and affection, or she develops feelings that she cannot trust those around her because her needs are not met. During the toddler stage, she begins to assert her choice and will as she develops some degree of independence. If she is too restricted by the external, overcontrol of her caregivers, she learns to doubt her abilities. Older children, ages six through twelve, develop feelings of self-worth through mastery and achievement of their accomplishments and interactions with others, or they come to feel inferior in relation to others.

The realization of possible failure leads to guilt and fear of punishment. Emotional Development For all young children, the arts provide a social arena in which they can communicate ideas and feelings to others. Very often young children cannot pinpoint a feeling, much less sort through all of the confusing vocabulary associated with emotional or affective stages to put that feeling into words or behavior. As children journey amid the creative splendor of the mind-heart-soul, their imaginations are constantly opening new doors and windows, showing new avenues of approach and hinting at mysteries which lie beyond what they can see. In the act of creation, children are closer to their truth than at any other time.

Thoughts and feelings are experienced with magnificent clarity, crystal sharpness and control. Excerpt from Creative Arts: A Process Approach for Teachers and Children, by L. 2006, Merrill, an imprint of Pearson Education Inc. The reproduction, duplication, or distribution of this material by any means including but not limited to email and blogs is strictly prohibited without the explicit permission of the publisher. But first, we have to verify your age!