Program practice of preschool education

Use this multi-sensory activity to improve letter recognition, sound recognition, and letter formation. Have each youngster take a turn dipping a finger into water and writing a letter of the alphabet on the board. Once the letter is formed, his friends say its program practice of preschool education and sound in unison. As the letter fades away, youngsters will be delighted with this disappearing act.

Crossing the ABC River added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown Little adventurers will step gingerly across this rushing river–if, that is, they recognize the letters of the alphabet. If a child steps onto a letter other than the one called, he “falls into the river” and must begin again from his original position. When everyone has safely crossed the river, the steppers return to their original places and become the callers so the callers can become the steppers. Around the World added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown Have your youngsters sit in a circle. Choose one student to stand behind a neighboring student. For these two youngsters, flash an alphabet card. Digging the Alphabet added 11-9-98 Original Author Unknown This ongoing center activity is one your youngsters will definitely dig!