Provision for the education of children at home

This site contains the Principles, Standards, Components of Quality and Signposts for Reflection which make up the main body of Síolta. The site has been designed to support your engagement with the Framework provision for the education of children at home may be used by you as an individual practitioner, in working with colleagues in your setting and also as a support for networking with other professional colleagues who work with young children from birth to six years. These questions are those most frequently asked by newcomer’s to home education.

Each answer has a link to further information, sometimes in my web site and other times to other peoples web sites. These answers are not intended to be definitive legal replies but they are as far as I understand accurate for those living in England and Wales. Is the law different in various parts of the UK? UK and while the law is essentially the same in most details the actual legislation, applicable case law and the procedural application of the law, depends upon where in the UK you live. This web site is written particularly with reference to the law in England. The laws in Scotland, Northern Ireland Wales, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man are different. Care, and a degree of caution, should be exercised by families in any of these regions using advice primarily intended for England.

Also, while there are as yet few significant differences between England and Wales, since the creation of the Welsh assembly small differences have begun to develop as politicians stamp their identity upon educational legislation. In particular the pupil registration Regulations in England are those passed in 2005, whilst in Wales the welsh 2010 version is enforced. It is likely that in the future there will be more substantial differences between Wales and England. UK law does not apply there. Home Education, more accurately known as Elective Home Education, is when parents chose to take the full responsibility to provide an education for their children in ways other than by schooling. Yes, HE is legal in all parts of the UK and always has been.