Psychological training of children

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To apply to become an APT-accredited tutor, click here. APT-Accredited mental health training courses of the highest quality. APT exists to help you bring the best psychology to mental health, substance misuse and related areas. We do so by providing quality training and resources, highlighting excellent practice, and helping qualified professionals to become tutors.

Over 100,000 professionals have attended APT courses. We are leaders in risk assessment and management, and working with challenging behaviour, personality disorder and intractable problems. The Professional Management of Suicide Risk and Suicidality. Building a Life Worth Living: Psychosocial Interventions for Suicidality. Most of our courses are provided this way: we come to you and train a group of 6-15 people for a fixed fee wherever you are. The majority of our training is provided ‘onsite’ but for a few of our courses you can come to us in Leicester. Obtain APT-quality input at a time that is convenient to you with APT online training.

APT offers recognition to organisations that implement certain principles outstandingly well. Run APT courses in your own organisation for half the standard cost, anywhere in the world. Completing an APT course gives you access to the associated resources for so long as you maintain accreditation. Mental health and mental illness: an overview.

A 1-day course designed to give a thorough overview of the key issues in mental health and mental illness. The UK’s leading PBS approach, a relentlessly positive system for working with challenging behaviour. The system that makes risk assessment and management enjoyable and relevant. APT is a UK leader in the provision of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy training. Since 1983 APT has been at the forefront of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. How to use pre-existing skills to provide positive and effective clinical supervision. Gain access to the best psychological approaches for working with this severe mental illness.