Pterodactyl jokes

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Quote “When life gives you lemons, call them ‘yellow oranges’ and sell them for double the price. Stanley Pines was born on June 15th sometime in the late 1940s – early 1950s to Filbrick and his wife in Glass Shard Beach, New Jersey, one of a set of twins. On the verge of losing his closest friend, barely passing high school and seemingly destined to stay in hated Glass Shard Beach forever, Stan took his frustrations out on Ford’s infinite motion machine, accidentally damaging it and causing its malfunction. After a failed foray into combing beaches for buried treasure, Stan founded Stan Co. Through his self-managed company, Stan made and sold a variety of cheap and poorly-constructed household utilities, from Stan Co.

Sham Total” sham towels, both of which resulted in Stan Co. Enterprises, along with Stan himself, being banned from the state of New Jersey. Upon his release, Stanley returned to the United States. Banned from 32 of the 50 states, imprisoned in three different countries, reduced to renting a room at the Dead End Flats motel, and remaining in debt to Rico, Stan’s life had seemingly hit rock bottom – until the arrival of a postcard from his brother Stanford, the first he had heard from his twin in over 10 years.

It contained a desperate plea for Stan’s presence. Stan travelled to his brother’s new home in the woods of Gravity Falls, Oregon, to find Ford confined in his shack and borderline insane with paranoia. Upon venturing into town once the food ran out, Stan discovered the locals were curious about Ford’s house, and even willing to pay for a look, which prompted him to open it up for tours, building fanciful faux-paranormal props when Ford’s inventions failed to garner interest. As the years rolled by, Stan applied countless renovations to his tourist trap, intent on keeping its oddities and appeal alive, both for profit and for his love of money. Stan has them help out at the Mystery Shack, often working alongside Soos and his cashier Wendy. Finding his own fishing buddies around the lake doesn’t turn out well for Stan, since everyone thinks his jokes are annoying or creepy to the point of earning him a tracking anklet from the lake police.

Despite the bad day, the twins eventually return and join him in fishing for the rest of the day. After the twins and Soos rediscover the wax figure collection in “Headhunters,” Stan resolves to reopen the exhibit, and is unhappy to discover Wax Abraham Lincoln was left in front of a window and melted in the sun. Mabel then uses this leftover wax to create a figure of Stan, which an adoring Stan unveils as a central part of the Wax Museum’s Grand Reopening. Stan talks to and carries his wax twin around happily, but his joy is cut short when the wax figure is beheaded, an axe beside it and its head missing.