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While walking on a trail in Canada, a dog named Finn took off. Check out the hilarious photo of the “bad” dog. From fraud to kidnapping, the life of a private security professional is never dull. Shawn Engbrecht and Paul Viollis Sr. Now the video is going viral, sparking support across social media, including Hugh Jackman.

Verb taking a direct object–for example, “Say something. He pulled the computer towards himself. The girl pulled her father’s coat. La niña tiró del abrigo de su padre.

La niña jaló el abrigo de su padre. The secretary pulled the file from the cabinet. La secretaria sacó el expediente del archivero. Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

His strong pull finally got the rope to release. Su fuerte halón hizo que la soga finalmente se soltara. The pull of the beach finally made him move to California. El llamado de la playa finalmente hizo que él se mudara a California. Verb not taking a direct object–for example, “She jokes.