Requirements for preschool teachers

Our academic program is centered around the STEM program. Focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Enroll in one of our early learning, Preschool, Pre-K or Daycare services! The things your child learns requirements for preschool teachers the ages of three and six years old are critical for development and growth.

That’s why getting them enrolled in the right preschool is so important! We proudly participate with the Care4Kids financial assistance program. Want to set your child up for future growth? Located in Danbury, CT, our preschool will give your children the tools they need to succeed throughout their lives! Our early childhood education teachers are highly trained professionals with the necessary skillset to guide your youngster through the early child development period. Do you think you can’t afford preschool for your child? Even the federal government has advocated for preschool and early childhood programs.

September 1st of that year and will participate in our CT Early Learning and Development Standards curriculum. We offer a program that will allow your children to continue learning with individualized homework assistance. Our program encourages socialization, problem solving, academics, and play through music, art, and games. Prepare yourself with online video tutorials and walk-throughs. Even we don’t have physical access to the computers!

No one else except the BIRS staff may view it. When codes instead of names are used for children and staff, the BIRS software is fully HIPAA-compliant. We also allow you to set access permissions for each designated user in your program. Only the people who need to enter or edit data may do so — all others have read-only access for viewing and charting. 120 per year for small programs with Ten or Fewer Classrooms.

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For more information, see our Contact Page. A preschool is more than a safe haven for your children during the day. At Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare, your child will look forward to the interaction with other children and our highly skilled teaching staff. From birth, every moment of your child’s development is crucial to how he or she will experience the world.

While parents would relish the opportunity to spend every moment molding their child’s development, the structure of our society doesn’t make it an attainable goal for many. At Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare, your child will begin the learning process with caring capable teachers who take the time to discover the unique talents of your little one. Using all of their senses, children, at the earliest stages, develop behavioral cues from the environment in which they are placed. As a result, training must begin early to coincide with the rapid biological and intellectual development of your child.