Right brain drawing for kids

Intelligence can guarantee your child’s success, right brain drawing for kids’t it? But, intelligence does go a long way in promoting your kid’s mental development. With a little help, you can help hone your kid’s cognitive skills and give him a head start over his peers.

Brain gym exercises can help your little one become the next Einstein. So, read through our collection of 10 lovely brain gym exercises for kids. The exercise helps release excess stress in kids, and they can effectively concentrate on their studies. Your kid needs to move his left arm to the right leg, and then switch sides. The slow lateral movement enhances your kid’s attention and mental coordination. Lazy Eight’s:Your kid has to draw the figure eight for multiple times either imaginary in the air or on a paper.

The exercise activates your kid’s creative side and loosens the muscles of his arm and wrist. The exercise helps improve your kid’s reading speed, eye-muscles coordination, and peripheral vision. Double Doodle:This bilateral drawing activity requires your kid to sketch two images with both his hands. The activity encourages your kid’s learning skills and improves spelling accurateness, math calculation speed and recognition of writing symbols. This is a great brain gym activities for kids. Your child needs to stretch one of his hands and place it in close vicinity to the same-sided ear. By rotating the extended hand, he needs to make the symbol infinity in the air for at least three times, and vice versa.