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Пожалуйста, обновите свой браузер до одного из поддерживаемых браузеров. Вы можете попробовать просмотреть страницу, но будьте готовы к тому, что функциональность может быть нарушена. Computer Science Fundamentals Express Courses A great option for students getting started on their own. Create your own drawings and games. International CS Fundamentals: Courses 1-4 and Accelerated We are working on translating Courses A-F and the Express Course to languages beyond English.

In the meantime, we recommend using Courses 1-4 and the Accelerated Course. Уроки от партнеров, доступные на более старых системах Данные уроки будут работать в более ранних версиях веб-браузеров. Для доступа ко всем урокам обновите свой веб-браузер до современной версии. Get creative with coding Scratch With Scratch, you can create your own interactive games, stories, animations — and share them with your friends. Get started by animating your name, creating a holiday card, or making a pong game.

Create interactive games, stories, and animations. Learn how to sequence commands, identify patterns, use procedures, and utilize loops! Each lesson includes a printable and unplugged activity. Learn the ABCs of computer science by helping the Foos solve puzzles. Then use your coding skills to create and share video games. A 10 lesson curriculum is available for FREE at thefoos. Having a teacher or parent nearby is optimal, but not necessary.

Pocket Code Catrobat Create your own game on your smart phone with Pocket Code! Help skydiver Steve to deliver his parcels. You can share it with friends and other users to try! Create a game on your smartphone and share with friends to try! Our touch-friendly editor makes coding fun, even on your phone or tablet!

Kids build games and mobile apps by arranging blocks of code. It removes the need to know programming syntax. Kids transform ideas into animated stories and math art right away. Cargobot Two Lives Left Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game where you teach a robot how to move crates. It features 36 fiendishly clever puzzles, haunting music and stunning retina graphics. KIBO invites playful learning and children’s creativity and imagination.

Curriculum for schools, activities for the home, design journals and workbooks are also available. Create filters, graphics, emojis, and special effects with step-by-step project tutorials. Kodu Microsoft Kodu lets kids create games on the PC and Xbox via a simple visual programming language. Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. Anyone can use Kodu to make a game, young children as well as adults with no design or programming skills. Dot are robots that help kids learn the fundamentals of problem solving and coding while having fun.

Dot are robots that help kids learn the fundamentals of coding. Education EV3 LEGO Education Build and code with the ultimate playful learning experience. The endless flexibility of LEGO bricks and the open-ended nature of our curriculum and coding software allows students to explore and develop their ideas as far as their curiosity will take them. Tickle Tickle Labs Experience the magic of programming drones, robots, smart homes, and Arduino, all wirelessly!

Tickle is easy to learn, fun to use, yet powerful enough for university courses and research projects. You can program a variety of drones and robots to fly, take photos, and navigate through mazes. Follow guided challenges, remix what others have made, and make original creations from scratch. Hours of challenges available with blocks or simple syntax-based coding languages. Curious minds of all abilities can create art, games, music and more!