Romance teenager

BB Easton is a romance novelist with a twist. 44 Chapters About Four Men, an honest and funny contemporary romance that told the story of her real-life romance teenager. A married mother of two and a former school psychologist, Easton retold the highs and lows of adolescent love and rebellion. The success of her first novel and the enthusiasm from her fanatic readers encouraged Easton to create a spin-off series — one book per ex-boyfriend — reaching all the way to her present life with her husband, a man she affectionately refers to as “husbot.

MW: What made you decide to present your work as memoir as opposed to changing the stories more and calling it fiction? BE: Jenny Lawson, David Sedaris and Chelsea Handler made me do it! They’re terrible influences, the lot of them! Before I started writing, I was binge reading comedic memoirs — the more self-deprecating the better — as well as romance novels. I would alternate back and forth between them.

So when my fingers found my keyboard and started typing, I began writing about my own romances, but in a comedic memoir style. My brain just took its two favorite genres and mashed them together. Once I realized I’d written a book, I just published it as a memoir because, well, it’s about my life. My husband is suuuper happy about that choice. MW: Now into the third book and having two left to write, are you getting nervous about writing about your relationship with your husband? BE: Oh, I’m terrified, but not for the reasons you would think. My husband’s book is going to be the biggest challenge because he’s the least dramatic character I’ve ever met, let alone that I will ever have to write about.

The other three men in the series were reckless, tattooed maniacs. His book might literally be one sentence long: “And then I married an accountant and moved to the suburbs. And yes, I suppose I’ll let him read it. I mean, it’s only two sentences, right? What’s the worst that could happen?

MW: Who are some memoirists who’ve inspired you? What would be your perfect combination if you could combine two, one from each genre? BE: I already mentioned the memoirists who were the most influential to me, but as far as romance, I would have to say Colleen Hoover, Jay Crownover, Olivia Cunning, Tillie Cole and T. Frazier have had the biggest influence on my writing. I am in love with dozens of other magnificent romance novelists, but those five were definitely the most inspiring.