Russian language for Spanish children

I list only the books I like and read with  my children. I also added our favorite children cartoon’s and movie’s titles with youtube videos. I will be adding more russian language for Spanish children and video titles, please check back the list later. See the last update date below.

If you go to Kids Radio page, you could listen to children’s songs and stories on one of the kids’ radio stations in Russian. Girls will enjoy reading this book as well. It is also  a small size book. My children enjoy reading this book very much. You can start reading it earlier then it is suggested by the publisher. The most recent edition of one of the first books my children read.

We own the book published earlier. Russian painters presented in alphabetical order with a short bio info, their portraits and some paintings. We were looking at the pictures at first. It is a good for speech development as well. Great book to read to 2 and 4 years olds together!

My son just loves this one. I hope it will be reprinted. It is a very beautiful book. You can started reading some of the stories, when your child is 2 years old.