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Brush the teeth to prevent periodontal disease. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the relatively rare or new knives, bayonets and multi-tools of Russian armed forces and special police units. Some of these edged weapons are adopted in small quantities by special forces, others are newly adopted and are being widely supplied to Russian armed forces. This is a recently designed survival knife, which will be adopted by an unknown Russian special forces unit.

OBS-3 has a pretty unique butterfly design. The butterfly design exposes or hides in the handle one end at a time. NS-2 is a new multi-tool adopted by the Russian military. It will be issued to sappers and demolition specialists.

It is an AK-compatible bayonet designed by KAMPO, too. It is reportedly a very high-quality bayonet made of high strength steel with a titanium based coating. The wire cutting function is completely transferred to the sheath, which is a polymer made one. The sheath also stores a sharpener for the blade. The overall length of the Kampo bayonet is 11.

This bayonet is also included in the Ratnik program. It was initially designed for AK-12 and reportedly is adopted along the previous bayonet. This multi-tool is also made by SARO and adopted by Russian military with the Ratnik program. It includes a knife, pliers, metal and wood saws, a screwdriver and an awl. It is issued to all SOBR officers.

These combat knives are made upon request of Far East region Spetsnaz. The handle is made of walnut or leather. All metal parts have a matte finish and they are issued with a black leather sheath. The distinctive feature of the knives is the hemispherical cutout right where the blade starts.