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Property Funding and property requirements for school buildings. He Pitopito Korero provides a central place for Ministry wide information for school leaders. He Pānui Kōhungahunga – Early Learning Bulletin Contains important information, changes and events for the early learning community. Please forward this error screen to 10. Early Childhood Education programs we could find, from over 1,700 accredited colleges and universities across the US.

Enrollment in a quality early childhood education program is increasingly recognized as a key to future success. Before 1960, fewer than 10 percent of children attended preschool. Today, that figure has increased to nearly 60 percent according to a report from the Child Trends Databank. As an early childhood educator, you can have a positive impact on the social, emotional and cognitive development of the next generation. Early Childhood Teacher Job Description While the job description for early childhood teachers is not always the same in every school, all early childhood educators provide care, and instruction for children aged three to five years, preparing them emotionally, socially, and academically for elementary school and beyond. Many preschool teachers work a 10-month schedule with two months off for summer vacation. Finger painting and story time still figure prominently in preschool instruction, but today’s preschool teachers also draw on a wealth of research to craft developmentally appropriate instruction in letter recognition, phonics, math, science, and social studies.

Instruction at this age level is accomplished through a combination of play, experience and formal teaching. The delivery method may include small and large group activities, one-on-one instruction, and exposure to literature, music, art, and dance. Requirements for a Degree in Early Childhood Education Training requirements for early childhood educators vary from state to state and even from program to program. Some private preschool programs require only a high school degree and experience working with young children. Other institutions, particularly state-funded programs, require coursework at a community college or that you have an early childhood education degree. FIND SCHOOLS Early Childhood Education Career Outlook With numerous studies that have purported the importance of early childhood learning, the U.