Sand painting for children 3 years

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Playing with sand is not just for the beach any more. There is so much crafts that can be made with sand. There is a popular keepsake which involves sand and your child’s food prints. It is best if this craft is done at the beach near the water. Firmly press both of your child’s feet in the sand, then take a plaster mix and pour the wet plaster into the foot prints. Children can also use sand to make beach scene collages or dioramas.

Also color sand art is another exciting craft for children. To make colored sand you will need powered tempera paint. Note: If you do not have access to a sandy area, pour 2 bags of sand in a large flat box. To make this, you should moisten sand so that it is damp for a depth of several inches.

To build a permanent sand castle, you start out with boxes and cardboard tubes, rather than wit sand as you would at the beach. Use a big box for the base of the castle, cut out rounded doors and windows. Use cardboard tubes for making the towers. You can cut out the turrets by cutting out strips of cardboard and then cutting out squares from te top.