Sandwich free school lunch ideas

Take school lunch to the next level with these no sandwich lunch ideas for kids. Easy and delicious, your kids will never ask for Sandwich free school lunch ideas and J again! Pack lunch in a leak-proof Bento box with different fruits, veggies, and nuts.

We love homemade granola packed with dried fruit and nuts. Tropical whip is sweetened with honey for a healthy treat. Add a slim ice pack to keep it extra cold! You’ve made sure your computer is protected, but what about your preschooler’s tablet. There are simple things you can do to ensure your kids are browsing the web safely.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins are so much better than PBJ sandwiches! Wrap apple slices and cheese with ham. What kid wouldn’t want to see mini pizza bites in their lunchbox? Make cheese and crackers fun by cutting the cheese into cute shapes.

Turn macaroni and cheese into muffins. Make meatloaf in a muffin tin. Broccoli nuggets are a healthy alternative to chicken nuggets. Have breakfast for lunch with mini pancake bites.

Apple crumble popcorn is a great snack that is packed with protein. Homemade gummi candies can be made with fruit juice for a healthy treat. Kids will think they’re having dessert for lunch with Nutella Croissants. The best part about these Granola Energy Bites is that there is no baking involved! Make mini pancakes and freeze them! Toasted trail mix is one of our favorite snacks. Cheez-It Chicken Nuggets are a huge hit with my kids.

Apple chips are a great alternative to potato chips. Kids will love these chicken and waffles kabobs. Strawberry fruit leather shapes are so cute! Mini corn dog muffins look super easy to make. Pair lunchbox biscuits with sliced deli meat and some fruit for a healthy meal. Pizza pasta salad has all the best parts of pizza with some pasta thrown in.

Use apple slices instead of bread to make yummy apple sandwiches! Make a face with eggs to turn a regular ol’ salad into something fun! Use tortillas to create mini deep dish pizzas. Kiddos can help make mini kebobs ahead of time. Kid-friendly quesadillas have apple and cheese inside. PBJ tastes better when it’s shaped like sushi, right? Cut french toast into cute shapes for a breakfast-inspired lunch.