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The equipment shown in this video must have been an engineering prototype – Things were much more crowded when installed in the two vans – among other things, the plotting boards here are horizontal, in the BC van, they are vertical. I think you could say that this equipment was “re-packaged” for field use. Mike Stucka, a staff writer for the Taunton Daily Gazette, was looking for images for a Nike story and e-mailed “This story is interesting, and everyone is so darned helpful. That story has disappeared – I should have made a “local copy” ! This site has become a cooperative effort as more than 350 people have contributed text, stories, ideas, information, and corrections. The Nike surface to air missile system was named after the winged goddess of victory in Greek mythology. Two versions of this system defended the U.

4 seconds ago, is accelerating at 25 times the force of earth’s gravity, has risen 60 feet, and it is now going 210 miles per hour. If the target is 90 miles approaching at mach 1. 5, the missile will meet the target 60 miles away in 90 seconds. The Nike Hercules shown here defended major U.

The LOPAR acquisition radar is behind the building. I worry about “good stuff” going away. This is a plot of a Nike intercepting a target flying at 52,000 feet. The vertical scale is altitude in feet. The left trace is the Nike missile, the right is the target.

The horizonal scale is computed time to intercept, in seconds. The middle is time zero, intercept. The tours of HM-69 has been overwhelming at Everglades National Park for the second year. Tours will be conducted through the end of March. The diameter of the decal is 4,06 inch. A recruiting brochure featuring the Nike Hercules, “Now making its appearance on-site.

416L is the name of the North American air defense system. US Army units on NATO Countries Batteries -by Richard Scheffler Life before Transistors Nike “Kill Ratio”? Ajax Firing Report – Text , Event Recorder from ? W-25: The Davidsonville Site and Maryland Air Defense, 1950-1974 by Merle T. 2 – A great introduction to the Nike Hercules system, in technical manual format – 135 pages, and also in smaller sections. TM9-5000-29 – Missile Electrical Checkout Equipment – 9.

Service can be a little slow. History of Nike SF-88 Restoration – just starting – Current volunteers at SF-88 On-going Maintenance at SF-88 SF-88 ? Bliss Foreign Student Handout Handout . The 1974 digital conversion of Nike Hercules.

Journal, thanks to editor Mark Berhow. Dec 2013 Nike in Movies – Mark Ferguson wrote “LA site in Malibu, was used in the movie, “Escape from the Planet of the Apes”. A “Cold War” decade as a Missileman in Air Defense” – by Eric P. Hpasp provides Soviet equipment simulation from this web site. Are there Nike Models, Kits, Dimensions?