Scheme molding man from clay for children

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984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The power to transform and reshape the form of one’s body. The user can shapeshift their form, transforming and reshaping themselves potentially down to their genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance their own body for combat, either by turning into animals, monsters or by making the body stronger. Adaptive Appearance: Transform based on adaptations. Biomorphing: Transform into any living thing.

Body Manipulation: Manipulate any aspect of one’s body. Appendage Generation: Shifting entirely new extremities out of oneself. Natural Weaponry: Form one’s body into weapons. Desire Form: Take the form of others greatest desire. Doppelgänger Morphing: Take the appearance of other beings.

Perfect Doppelgänger: Take the powers, capabilities, memories, life-force, and personality of other beings. Disguise Mastery: Put on various numbers of disguises. Elasticity: Stretch, deform, expand, or contract one’s body into any form imaginable. Elemental Mimicry: Transform physically into an inorganic element.